My name is Elizabeth.

Being compassionate, patient, and present for people going through transitions-whether voluntary or unexpected- is what I love! I believe your home and belongings should fit your lifestyle and enrich your life rather than weigh you down.

Healthydownsizing– the right size for every stage of life.

Healthydownsizing is all about being comfortable with your living space and feeling your home is a place of peace and rest. Whether you need help with organizing, making your space fit your lifestyle, or you are going through a major change in family size- we want to facilitate your success. Being overwhelmed or feeling like a change is impossible because you have too much stuff is difficult and thwarts change. Together, we can change that.

Our Services

Improving the Flow of Your Space

Room by Room Downsizing

Garage and Storage Organization and Downsizing

Loss of Loved One Organization

Decluttering and Paperwork Management

Personal Coaching for Healthy Habits

What I’ve Done

Working in customer service that required a high level of multi-tasking and physical labor for 16 years, nothing surprises me or throws me off my game.
During that time I also began event planning for sports teams, weddings, tournaments, and various parties. This has given me insight to a higher level of organization and the ability to work smart, not hard. Meeting goals, setting timelines with achievable markers, and making and following a plan are where I shine, and I can take you with me.

Although nothing has prepared me for being a professional organizer more than being a mother of five and a recent empty nester, downsizing from a large family home to a 10×10 storage unit and leaving the country for a period of time was one of the best experiences of my life. With it came the realization that less is definitely better and my belongings had begun controlling me.

I thrive on streamlining work areas and love downsizing homes. It is one of the most rewarding jobs! Each small tweak adds up to a lifestyle with less stress and less mess.

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