How my customers respond to the work I do is the greatest reward.


“Words cannot express my gratitude for Elizabeth’s help. During a year that created hardships and misfortune for most Americans, Elizabeth was an outstanding pillar of strength and support for myself and my family. Being in a place where I was feeling completely overwhelmed with all aspects of my life, and needing to completely overhaul my space to be able to correct course in my personal life, Elizabeth was a bright life raft of encouragement and assistance that kept me, and my family, afloat on the seas of chaos.

Elizabeth is punctual, professional, and non-judgemental. She provided my scattered brain with the structure I needed to tackle the tasks ahead of me; she was flexible and encouraging while finding what worked best for me. She  is a wonderful communicator, and I felt respected and supported with each step of the process. Elizabeth is so compassionate and helpful that it was very comfortable having her go through our home and our belongings. I could not have dealt with all I had on my plate without Elizabeth’s gentle but firm guidance, her kind but peppy attitude, and her organizing efficiency.  I would highly suggest recommend Health Downsizing for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos in their lives.

Thank you again, Elizabeth, for all you did. We are so blessed to have had your help!!!!” 


“I can’t thank Elizabeth West enough for helping me through that first huge hurdle of tackling my emotional hang ups around clutter. She really created a space for me to grow, learn, and really come into my own. We took a journey together from our first meeting with me in tears over my shame of letting my space control my life to our laughter through the process, and my breath of relief and relaxation in my own home for the first time since I can remember. I would say to anyone that if you have any doubt or fear about starting the process of decluttering and organizing, Elizabeth West is the first call you should make. She will make the process actually fun and exciting, transforming your dread about cleaning to your excitement about having a space that you’ve always dreamed of. Thank you Elizabeth!”


“I am so thankful to have found Elizabeth! She has made some organization in my home that I previously thought impossible, possible. For the first time I feel more hopeful about accomplishing some larger home tasks. Elizabeth is an incredibly hard worker, focused, organized, thoughtful; and is so willing to be present with the process in a way that is compassionate and supportive. I give Elizabeth my highest recommendation!”

Being comfortable in your space… making it your sanctuary… your HOME. That is what this is about.

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