Fri, Dec 11, 10:52 AM

Words cannot express my gratitude for Elizabeth’s help. During a year that created hardships and misfortune for most Americans, Elizabeth was an outstanding pillar of strength and support for myself and my family. Being in a place where I was feeling completely overwhelmed with all aspects of my life- and needing to completely overhaul my space to be able to correct course in my personal life- Elizabeth was a bright life raft of encouragement and assistance that kept me, and my family, afloat on the seas of chaos.

Elizabeth is punctual, professional, and non judgmental. She provided my scattered brain with the structure I needed to tackle the tasks ahead of me; she was flexible and encouraging while finding what worked best for me. She  is a wonderful communicator, and I felt respected and supported with each step of the process. Elizabeth is so compassionate and helpful that it was very comfortable having her go through our home and our belongings. I could not have dealt with all I had on my plate without Elizabeth’s gentle but firm guidance, her kind but peppy attitude, and her organizing efficiency.  I would highly recommend Health Downsizing for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos in their lives.

Thank you again, Elizabeth, for all you did. We are so blessed to have had your help!!!! 💛🙏

-April and Family